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Whether your a beginner or a more experienced surfer, you will certainly find plenty to do with us. This is the perfect spot for people wanting to surf in Portugal since it has everything to make your trip a success; good waves, a relaxed atmosphere, great people and many things to see and do.
Our surfing lessons are delivered to the highest standard and fantastic value. Lessons include provision of all the equipment that you need: surfboards, wetsuits, etc. Most importantly our lessons provide a structured plan that is proven to help you progress and reach your surfing goals.

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Reviews from past surfers

  • Friendly, responsible and attentive to everyone. Didn't force us out but was really helpful when we were ready to try again. Will definately go again on my next trip to Sagres.
  • Io e la mia ragazza abbiamo deciso di prendere una lezione di surf essendo a Sagres e volendo sfruttare lo splendido sole. Abbiamo deciso di fare il pacchetto mezza giornata in cui è compreso l'affitto dell'attrezzatura (muta e tavola), il trasporto alla spiaggia e ovviamente la lezione. Siamo partiti verso le 10 e tornati intorno alle 14. Il nostro istruttore, Carlos, è molto bravo, chiaro nelle spiegazioni e attento. Ci ha fatto fare un riscaldamento muscolare, insegnato la teoria e la sua applicazione pratica in acqua. E' stata un'esperienza molto positiva con un maestro ottimo. 
  • Voor het derde jaar op rij huur ik planken bij deze surfschool+shop en elk jaar is een fijne ervaring. Ze hebben diverse boards (in maten en epoxy/softtop) en we kregen gratis een soft rack voor op de auto te leen voor 9 dagen.Hoe langer je de boards huurt hoe meer korting je krijgt (is bij elke shop zo) en wij kregen er nog een korting van 5% bovenop omdat we in Casa Azul Sagres sliepen, een partner van hun.
  • So i've been to Sagres a couple of times now, and I'd say that this was my favourite. i'm not really into all this online reviewing as you might see from my profile, so i'll keep it to the point.1) For me, Carlos and Olly where brilliant instructors, unrelenting in their enthusiasm and just damn nice guys. They made this trip for me. 2) The hotel/hostel is really nice, it does exactly what it says on the tin. The rooms are nice and the staff are pleasant. I was near the stairs so it was a bit noisy sometimes.. But I manned up and got on with it!3) You should just go to Sagres. Full stop.4) I'll shut up now..... 

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