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Sagres is the perfect place for whoever wants to enjoy a surf holiday in Algarve, we have everything to make your trip a dream within your reach; good waves, a relaxed atmosphere and lots of things to see and do. If you never surfed before and want to try it out, or if you are an experienced surfer, you will certainly find much to do with us.

Our surf school located in Sagres, combines a spirit of freedom with detailed surf instruction, where the student is our main concern. The surfing lessons are delivered to the highest standard and fantastic value. Lessons include provision of all the equipment that you need: surfboards, wetsuits and our well none Lunch Box. Most important our surf lessons provide a structured plan that is proven to help you progress and reach your surfing goals.
We rely on a vision to create an unpretentious environment where the goal is to have fun together, regardless of age, sex, nationality or surfing skills. Our team shares the “love” of surf, so we will all be sure to live unique moments.

Take a look at our range of levels below to find what you’re looking for.

Surf Lessons


Surf Level Chart

Identify you surf level
Surf Level

Never surfed before or a few times
Demonstrate surf awareness, safety and self-rescue skills to safely participate in activities in the surf environment
Trim along on broken or peeling waves up to half a metre

Surf Level

Beginner check list, plus;
Perform top and bottom turns, cut-backs and re-entries in surf up to 3 feet (1 metre)

Surf Level

Beginner + Intermediate check list, plus;
Perform a range of manoeuvres (round house cut-back, snap vertical re-entry, floater, tube) in 1 metre plus surf at different surf breaks.

Reviews from past surfers

  • Voor het derde jaar op rij huur ik planken bij deze surfschool+shop en elk jaar is een fijne ervaring. Ze hebben diverse boards (in maten en epoxy/softtop) en we kregen gratis een soft rack voor op de auto te leen voor 9 dagen. Hoe langer je de boards huurt hoe meer korting je krijgt (is bij elke shop zo) en wij kregen er nog een korting van 5% bovenop omdat we in Casa Azul Sagres sliepen, een partner van hun.
  • So i've been to Sagres a couple of times now, and I'd say that this was my favourite. i'm not really into all this online reviewing as you might see from my profile, so i'll keep it to the point. 1) For me, Carlos and Olly where brilliant instructors, unrelenting in their enthusiasm and just damn nice guys. They made this trip for me. 2) The hotel/hostel is really nice, it does exactly what it says on the tin. The rooms are nice and the staff are pleasant. I was near the stairs so it was a bit noisy sometimes.. But I manned up and got on with it! 3) You should just go to Sagres. Full stop. 4) I'll shut up now.....  
  • Hi, we initially booked with Wave Sensations as the surf school at our hotel insisted a nine year old was too young to have all day lessons...boy were they wrong ! Jake took to it from the off, mostly down to Carlos, his instructor, whose enthusiasm and fantastic sense of humour were priceless. Over the first 2 days, Jake's confidence grew and grew. This then continued when Ollie took over on day three for the next 3 days. Nothing was too much trouble for either instructor, whether it was driving around to find the best waves, identifying the best board for Jake, or pulling him out to the green waves on days where it was difficult for him to get out himself. Both Ollie and Carlos were very patient and genuinely nice guys to be around...they certainly made our holiday, and we will be booking with Wave Sensations again. ThankYou so much 🙂  
    Paula B
  • Fuimos a Sagres con la intención de probar el surf y la verdad que tuvimos la gran suerte de tener a Carlos como profesor, desde el primer momento nos transmitió la energia característica de los surferos. Te enseña paso a paso y respetando los tiempos de cada alumno. Te corrige en el agua, ya que muchos profesores de otras escuelas de la zona daban las indicaciones desde la orilla. A parte no solo te enseña a hace surf ,también te enseña a observar : las corrientes , las series de la olas , a saber como esquivar al resto de surferos que hay alrededor...Sinceramente, ha sido la mejor experiencia de nuestro viaje gracias a él , es muy simpático, te transmite seguridad y desde luego es súper responsable con los niños.